Chef Jobs


Our business is all about you.


The business operator wears many hats in our profession – you maybe the owner/operator; you maybe the Executive Chef, the Recruitment Manager or even the General Manager.

Your day is crazy busy, your business is everything and you have worked hard to get where you are. Life in a kitchen takes a lot of energy and it’s not easy.

On top of this you need to recruit!

Now here’s a platform allowing you to easily look for kitchen professionals and promote your business at the same time. You can show off your signature dish, your Executive Chef (this could be you), your brigade make-up, your location, your awards – tell them what makes you great.

Attract the people you want and have resumes delivered straight to you.  There’s a resume collection service available as well – perfect for when the day runs away from you. Resumes are neatly stored and sorted ready for you to review.

As industry professionals we grew tired of spending loads of money using current recruitment channels and getting the wrong kind or even NO applicants. This is where Chef Jobs comes into play.  You are in control, no middle person (unless you want one) – simple, cost effective, professional.

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The Kitchen professional looking for a new opportunity in the culinary arena needs like-minded people helping them achieve their career goals.

You are looking for a new and exciting role to enhance your career; you want more information about future opportunities but current job ads cannot give it to you.  Well – Hello Chef Jobs!

Here you get to dig deeper into a role learning about the Kitchen Manager / Executive Chef, the brigade, the establishment, the location and other information that allows you to have an insight into the employer, that way you can see what fits your goals.

Search opportunities easily and have your resume land in front of top chefs and decisions makers.

Relevant information is at hand so that you can make an informed decision about where your resume ends up.

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